Sign the petition

An official House of Commons ePetition was launched recently calling on the Government of Canada to ban fur farms nationwide. Launched by The Fur-Bearers and sponsored by MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith (Liberal, Beaches-East York), this ePetition will require a formal response by the government. Support our furry friends by taking 5 minutes to sign this petition! (For Canadian Residents Only)

Watch the movie

Real Fur is an investigative documentary about the true cost of fur in the fashion industry. Celebrities, politicians, animal rights agencies, and activists are putting their support behind this new film.

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Send a letter to your local MP.

Fur farms are incredibly cruel to animals, but they're also a health risk that we can't afford. Two recent COVID-19 outbreaks at B.C. mink farms have infected animals and workers, leading one farmer to brutally kill 1,000 innocent minks to stop the spread. Tell Canada to STOP fur farming by sending a customizable letter to a Canadian politician. Together we CAN make a difference!